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LIBRARIAN CHAT-update 5/2/2018
5/2/2018 - I am preparing for a teen program about P. T. Barnum and have been reading several biographies about him instead of the Truman Nominees. Hope to be back at the Trumans soon.

4/23/2018 - "The Imposter Queen" by Sarah Fine is my newest Truman Nominee to finish. Another excellent selection for readers who prefer fantasy books.

Elli was only a child when she was taken away from her parents and brought to the temple, destined to be the next Valtia, Queen and protector of her people, able to control both fire and ice magic. A flame shaped mark on her leg and an age old prophecy declaring her the most powerful Valtia ever has sealed her destiny. But when the current Valtia dies something terrible happens. Ellie cannot access the power that should have come to her. The elders try to force Elli to use the power by almost killing her but it does not work. Knowing that her life is in danger, Elli is smuggled out of the temple by her handmaid, Mim.

If you want to know more about the prophecy and what happens to Elli, you will have to read the book.

4/16/2018 - Managed to find enough time to finish the book "Things Too Huge to Fix by Saying Sorry" by Susan Vaught. This is a Truman Nominee and I would recommend it as a must read for next school year. Set in modern day Oxford, Mississippi, the book is a work of historical fiction that deals with having a grandmother in the late stages of Alzheimers, a father with PTSD, and looking into the history of Ole Miss during the time of the race riots and desegregation.

Grandma Bean and Avadelle Richardson had been best friends until the night of the Meredith riot. What happened that night changed both of their lives and in the months after the riot their friendship turned into a feud. One night Grandma Bean tells Dani to go look for a secret key and envelope that she had hidden for her that will explain why the feud started. With the help of her best friends Indri, and the boy who is no longer her friend, Mac (he also happens to be Avadelles grandson), Dani starts digging to try to find the truth about what happened that night and why it tore two friends apart. At the same time, she learns how sheltered from the true history of that time she and her friends have been at school.

Are there things that happen that are unforgivable? Is the true history of the US being lost over time? You must read the Authors Note at the end of the book! The author challenges her readers to look closely at the "then" and "now" to see how things have changed and what still needs to be changed. How can you be a positive influence in our current history?

4/3/2018 - I have started my quest to read all of the 2018-19 Truman awards. The first book on my list is "The Forgetting" by Sharon Cameron.

Nadia has grown up inside the city of Canaan surrounded by its safe white walls. But Nadia does not feel safe, she feels trapped. Trapped by the horror of the Forgetting that happens every 12 years and will be returning soon. A Forgetting that no one else in the city seems to remember but that she cannot forget. To escape, she has been sneaking over the wall while everyone else is sleeping. She brings back much needed supplies of food to share with her mother, sisters, and neighbors. Enough to make a difference, but not be noticed. Until she gets caught by one of her classmates, Gray the glassmakers son, and he wants her to take him over the wall.

I really enjoyed this book. Look for the answers to these questions. Why is it not safe to go over the wall? Why does Nadia not forget and is there anyone else in the city who remembers? How long has the Forgetting been going on? Is there a way to stop it?

Mrs. Amy
Lunch with a Librarian
Who: 7th-12th graders
Where: Queen City Room
When: 11:00 am-12:00 PM on June 12 & July 10

Bring a book(or more than one), a sack lunch, and join Mrs. Amy in the Queen City room on the second floor of the library. We will be talking about what you are reading and I will be showing you books that will be coming out soon.
Summer Reading Club is open to all youth from preschool - 12th grade who have a library card. Attendance of programs is not required.

Registration starts on June 5, 2018 and Youth Readers (7th-12th grade) may sign-up either in the Childrens department or at the Main desk. When you sign-up, you will receive a packet with your first reading log, a calendar, book mark, and a Summer Reading Program guide. All the books you list on the reading logs must be checked out from the Sedalia Public Library and each log returned will enter you into a prize drawing at the end of the program.

Completed reading logs will need to be returned in the Childrens department where you may pick up more logs to fill out. Each completed log returned enters you into a drawing at the end of the program. All reading logs must be turned in by 6:00 PM on July 25, 2018.

Youth Readers need to read 500 pages per log, minimum book size is 100 pages.

Adapted reading logs are available for students with reading disabilities. Please talk to the Childrens Librarian.
Who: 7-12th grade
When: 1:00-2:00 PM
Where: In the Queen City Room (unless noted otherwise)

June 5 - "Lyric Art"- We will be making art out of the lyrics to your favorite song. Please make sure you bring the words with you. We will be working with paint and permanent markers, dress appropriately.

June 19 - "Finding Rhythm-Drums" Ashley Peck, Sedalia 200 music instructor, will be here with a wide variety of drums and rhythm instruments. Weather permitting, this program will take place on the west lawn.

June 26 - "Musical Games" Are you ready to play some games? Old or new...or old made new? I have been searching the internet to find all kinds of musical games.

July 3 - "Rock Art" Create some rock inspired art. Projects may or may not be using actual rocks. We will be working with paint and permanents markers so dress appropriately.

July 17 - "Rocking Guitar Maintenance" Eron Harding, with Backwoods Guitar, will be here to teach you how to do basic repairs on guitars.

July 24 - "Not-So-Musical Trivia" Fact or fiction? Can you correctly answer my trivia questions about "The Greatest Showman" and the real P. T. Barnum?
Whats New
Allied - Amy Tintera
Third book in the "Ruined" trilogy. (YA F Tin)
Ascent - Roland Smith
After the ill-fated mountain climbing expedition in Afghanistan that led to kidnapping and murder, Peak Marcello is looking forward to a vacation in Myanmar with his friend and fellow climber Alessia. Even though the country has been in the grips of a brutal military regime for more than fifty years, Peak can not pass up an invitation to climb Hkakabo Razi, believed to be the highest peak in Southeast Asia and one of the most isolated mountains in the world. (YA F Smi)
Boruto: Naruto Next Generation v.3 - Masashi Kishimoto
Graphic Novel

Naruto and his allies have the upper hand on Momoshiki until he transforms into a more powerful form. Naruto and Sasuke will have to team up to stand and chance of toppling this ferocious foe, but is Boruto holding the key to victory?! (YA F Kis)
Mapping the Bones - Jane Yolen
It is 1942 in Poland, and the world is coming to pieces. At least that is how it seems to Chaim and Gittel, twins whose lives feel like a fairy tale torn apart, with evil witches, forbidden forests, and dangerous ovens looming on the horizon. But in all the darkness there is light, and the twins find it through Chaims poetry and the love they have for each other. Like the bright flame of a Yahrzeit candle, his words become a beacon of memory so that the children and grandchildren of survivors will never forget the atrocities that happened during the Holocaust. (YA F Yol)
The Complication - Suzanne Young
6th book in "The Program" series. (YA F You)
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