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LIBRARIAN CHAT-update 4/16/2018
4/16/2018 - Managed to find enough time to finish the book "Things Too Huge to Fix by Saying Sorry" by Susan Vaught. This is a Truman Nominee and I would recommend it as a must read for next school year. Set in modern day Oxford, Mississippi, the book is a work of historical fiction that deals with having a grandmother in the late stages of Alzheimers, a father with PTSD, and looking into the history of Ole Miss during the time of the race riots and desegregation.

Grandma Bean and Avadelle Richardson had been best friends until the night of the Meredith riot. What happened that night changed both of their lives and in the months after the riot their friendship turned into a feud. One night Grandma Bean tells Dani to go look for a secret key and envelope that she had hidden for her that will explain why the feud started. With the help of her best friends Indri, and the boy who is no longer her friend, Mac (he also happens to be Avadelles grandson), Dani starts digging to try to find the truth about what happened that night and why it tore two friends apart. At the same time, she learns how sheltered from the true history of that time she and her friends have been at school.

Are there things that happen that are unforgivable? Is the true history of the US being lost over time? You must read the Authors Note at the end of the book! The author challenges her readers to look closely at the "then" and "now" to see how things have changed and what still needs to be changed. How can you be a positive influence in our current history?

4/3/2018 - I have started my quest to read all of the 2018-19 Truman awards. The first book on my list is "The Forgetting" by Sharon Cameron.

Nadia has grown up inside the city of Canaan surrounded by its safe white walls. But Nadia does not feel safe, she feels trapped. Trapped by the horror of the Forgetting that happens every 12 years and will be returning soon. A Forgetting that no one else in the city seems to remember but that she cannot forget. To escape, she has been sneaking over the wall while everyone else is sleeping. She brings back much needed supplies of food to share with her mother, sisters, and neighbors. Enough to make a difference, but not be noticed. Until she gets caught by one of her classmates, Gray the glassmakers son, and he wants her to take him over the wall.

I really enjoyed this book. Look for the answers to these questions. Why is it not safe to go over the wall? Why does Nadia not forget and is there anyone else in the city who remembers? How long has the Forgetting been going on? Is there a way to stop it?

3/22/2018 - On the second full day of Spring the sun is shining and I just finished the third and final book of "The Illuminae Files" by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, "Obsidio". If you are a fan of this series, you will not be disappointed by the last book.

The situation on Kerenza IV is deteriorating. A rebel group has been organized to slow down the production of the hermium needed to help the Beitech Flagship Churchill return jump through the Mobile Jump Platform Magellan once repairs are finished. In order to keep control of the remaining miners, their families are being held hostage in a secured building. All other non-essential personal on the planet were liquidated. Asha Grant has managed to stay alive because of her medical training, basic as it is, and has joined the rebellion.

Aiden has been transferred to his newest ship, the Mao, where he continues his spiral into becoming a monster. A monster who takes actions to ensure the survival of the person he loves, Kady Grant. With no way to jump, the survivors of the Heimdall, Hypatia and remaining Kerenza colonists are headed back to Kerenza IV in hopes that Beitech has left the planet with enough supplies to survive or of somehow gaining control of the Magellan Platform and jumping to safety.

3/14/2018 - Happy Pi Day! Just finished "Tess of the Road" by Rachel Hartman. Another fantastic upper high school book. Hartman returns to the world she created in "Seraphina" with a whole new story.

Tess is the sister of Seraphina and twin of Jeanne. Being precocious by nature, she seems to always be in trouble. Especially with her repressive mother who teaches that women should be submissive. Tess is miserable about her hidden past, angry, and drinking to drown her feelings, which gets her into huge trouble. When Seraphina gives her a lovely pair of boots, Tess decides disguise herself as a boy and run away. Along the way she helps people, has adventures, but most importantly learns to live her own life and deal with her past.

3/5/2018 - Last weeks book of choice was "Rosemarked" by Livia Blackburne. It is the first book in a new upper high school series.

At seventeen, Zivah is one of the youngest healer apprentices in her village to ever take the test to be a full healer and pass. But, at her celebration commander Arxa, of the Amparan soldiers who control the territory her village is in,shows up asking for help with sick soldiers. The soldiers have the Rose plague. A highly contagious disease that causes a high fever and a red rash. There are only three outcomes to Rose plague...death, surviving with red markings but knowing the fever will return in a few days or a few years followed by death along with being a carrier of the disease(rosemarked), or the red rash turning brown meaning the person is now immune and cannot pass on the disease(umbermarked). Even though the healers take as many precautions as they can not to catch the Rose plague, Zivah catches it. She survives, but is rosemarked and exiled to a house outside of the village.

Dineas survived the Rose plague that swept through an Ampara prison. Thrown out like trash with the bodies of other dead or dying prisoners, he survives the fever and becomes umbermarked. While slowly regaining his strength, he returns to the mountain jungles above Zivahs home of Dara to meet up with his other tribesmen who are hiding there.

Thrown together by a chance meeting, Zivah and Deneas are asked by their people to travel to the capital of Ampara. There they are to infiltrate the government and try to discover what the Amparans have planned for town of Dara and for Deneas tribe. If discovered, they face death.

Mrs. Amy
Whats New
Before I Go - Marieke Nijkamp
(YA F Nij)
Everless - Sara Holland
(YA F Hol)
Hour of the Bees - Lindsay Eagar
At first 12-year-old Carol is not happy to be spending her summer helping her grandfather move into an assisted living home, but as the summer goes on she finds herself drawn to him and the amazing stories he shares with her. (YA F Eag)
Not If I Save You First - Ally Carter
Maddie thought she and Logan would be friends forever. But when your dad is a Secret Service agent and your best friend is the president.s son, sometimes life has other plans.

Before she knows it, Maddies dad is dragging her to a cabin in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and into a totally different life.

No phone. No internet. And not a single word from Logan.

Until Logan shows up six years latter... (YA F Car)
Obsidio - Amie Kaufman
(YA F Kau)
Sam & Ilsa.s Last Hurrah - Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
Twins Sam and Ilsa have a tradition of throwing awesome, ridiculous dinner parties for their friends at their grandmothers posh apartment...and now they have prepared their final blowout, just before graduation.

The rules are simple: each twin gets to invite three guests, and the other twin does not know who is coming until the partiers show up a the door. With Sam and Isla, the sibling rivalry often trumps sibling revelry, and tonights guest list has it all...bitter exes, mysterious strangers, and a best frenemy from upstairs. (YA F Coh)
The Fates Divide - Veronica Roth
Sequel to "Carve the Mark" (YA F Rot)
The Knowing - Sharon Cameron
Samara is one of the Knowing, and the Knowing do not forget anything...love, hate, or their first drawn breath. Hidden deep in the comfort and splendor of her underground city, a refuge from the menace of a coming Earth, Samara learns what she should have never known and creates a memory so terrible she knows she cannot live with it. And so she flees to Canaan, the lost city of her ancestors, to be both healed and cursed. To Forget.

Beckett has flown through the stars to find a dream: The city of Canaan, the most infamous social experiment of Earths antiquity, lost to space and mysteries of time. Beckett finds Samara in the ruins of the lost city and uncovers so much more than he ever bargained for. (YA F Cam)
The Traitors Game - Jennifer Nielsen
(YA F Nie)
True Queen - Sarah Fine
Third book in the "Impostor Queen" series. (YA F Fin)
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