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Children Program
September is here, kids are headed to school and fall sports are starting up. Dial-A-Story is available any time of day, so enjoy it while you are running errands or make it part of your bedtime/nap time routine.

Dial-A-Story is a short folk story that your child can listen to on your phone. Just dial 660-827-7838, put the phone on speaker and enjoy the story. Story changes each Monday unless the library is closed for a holiday.

August 31-Sept 7 "Henny Penny"
Sept 8-13 "Johnny-Cake"
Sept 14-20 "The Rat Princess"
Sept 21-27 "The Fire Bringer"
Sept 28-Oct 4 "Whey the Sea is Salt"

Toddlers & Preschoolers are invited to snuggle with their adults to sing songs, listen to stories and see a craft idea you might like to do at home!

9/18/2020 - A Little Green
For the craft you will need paper, markers, and time to watch bugs or animals outside.

9/25/2020 - Tree Seasons
For the craft you will need 1 apple for every 2 children, a cutting board and knife(for adult use only), paper and washable liquid paint.

10/2/2020 - Orange
Learn how to play "Timed Find". All you need is a paper bag (a recycled gift bag would work great!), different colored markers or crayons, and a timer.

Friday morning does not work for you? No problem, each story time will be available to view for 3 days.
Kindergarten - 3rd graders

Listen to a story and then learn more about the theme for the day.

9/14/2020 - Sharks!
If you want to do the experiment at the end of the program with me you will need: 2 small clean plastic bottles (water or soda) with lids, a plastic tub or bucket to put water in, funnel and vegetable oil.

9/21/2020 - Un Lobo/A Wolf
If you want to do the activity at the end of the program we will be making "The Perfect Pico" (with a few ingredient modifications). From your kitchen you will need a cutting board, knife(for use with parental supervision), sink to wash vegetables and a medium-sized bowl. The ingredients we will use are 1/2 of a small onion, finally chopped jalapeno(I am going to use canned), 4 roma tomatoes, minced garlic, salt, lime or lemon juice(your choice), fresh cilantro and of course tortilla chips to eat the pico de gallo.

9/28/2020 - Curious Questions
Learn how the library can help you answer your questions!

10/5/2020 - We will be reading the book "Ozma of Oz" by L. Frank Baum starting in October. Each week listen to part of the story and then do an Oz themed craft or activity!

Programs will be available for 3 days.
Whats New
CatStronauts: Digital Disaster - Drew Brockington
Book six in the series (J F Bro)
Dear Beast - Dori Hillestad Butler
Simon the cat has taken care of his owner, Andy, for years. He is a good pet. Clean and loyal. What more could a boy want? Even when Andys dad moves out, Simon is sure that Andy does not need another pet.

So why would Andy adopt a DOG to live at his dads house?!

Simons job is clear: the beast needs to go. But Baxter the dog has something else in mind... (E F But)
Finish the Fight - Veronica Chambers
It is an election year and you just might be studying about the Right to Vote. If you are, take a look at this book! A celebration of the Nineteenth Amendment.

Who is to thank for a generation of girls who are not afraid to speak up and be heard? There are the Haudenosaunee women, who inspired some of the early suffragists: Mary Church Terrell, who co-founded the National Association of Colored Women: Mabel Ping-Hua Lee, who, at sixteen years old, helped lead one of the biggest suffrage parades in US history: and countless others who fought for the right to vote. (J 324.6 Cha)
I Survived, The California Wildfires, 2018 - Lauren Tarshis
The deadliest fire season in 100 years.

Josh and his mom are escaping a crisis back home when they fly across the country to stay with their cousins in California. It is a strange time for Josh. But he and his cousin Holly become fast friends as they explore the huge forest surrounding Hollys house.

Then one day the cousins find themselves in the path of a fast-moving firestorm, a super-heated monster that will soon destroy millions of acres of wilderness and possible much more. (J F Tar)
Lego Halloween Ideas - Julia March & Selina Wood
Love Halloween and building with Legos? This is the perfect book for you! Has plenty of ideas to help you build your own Halloween landscape for holiday display! (J 688.7 Mar)
Lets Go to the Library! - Charles M. Schulz
Sally is so excited...today she is going to the library to get her first library card! She can not wait to check out her very first book. (E F Sch)
The Polio Pioneer: Dr. Jonas Salk & the Polio Vaccine - Linda Elovitz Marshall
When Dr. Jonas Salk was a little boy, he saw many wounded soldiers returning from World War I. A child of immigrants, Jonas understood the value of hard work and went to medical school to become a doctor and researcher. More than anything, he wanted to help people.

A crippling disease, polio, was ravaging the United States, creating fear in big cities and small towns. Determined to eliminate the dreaded disease Dr. Salk and his team of medical researchers set to work. (J 610.92 Mar)
The Worry (Less) Book: Feel Strong, Find Calm, and Tame Your Anxiety - Rachel Brian
Written in a comic book style, this books discusses what worry/anxiety is, how your body might react to it, and gives some good strategies that might help you deal with it.

I recommend this book as a great conversation starter with your upper elementary, middle school, junior high kids! (J 152.4 Bri)
Tune It Out - Jamie Sumner
Lou has the voice of an angel, or so her mother tells her and anyone else who will listen. But the two of them have been performing the country fair and street corner circuit for so long that Lou can hear only the fear in her own voice. She has never liked crowds or even high fives, in fact, she is terrified of them, which makes her pretty sure there is something wrong with her.

But when Child Protective Services separates the mother-daughter duo after a snowy accident. Lou is forced to start all over again at a fancy private school far away from anything she has ever known. Luckily for her, she meets Wells, an outgoing sixth-grade actor extraordinaire. (J F Sum)
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